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Bank-Finance Link

I. Introduction
Internet Banking Bank-Finance Link is an ICBC service for central finance budgetary units to check in real-time the authorized payment limits of budgetary units of the same level and junior, as well as payment details. The service also enables central budgetary units to make payments for payroll, engineering purchase, articles and services purchase, as well as approval of reimbursement for Business Cards.

II. Target Clients
Central budgetary units who have opened zero-balance account in ICBC authorized by financial department for payment

III. Application Condition
Whether a customer of Corporate Internet Banking or not, all corporate customers are welcomed to sign up online Bank-Finance Link.

IV. Sign Up
Submit ICBC Online Bank Finance Link Opening, Amendment (Cancellation) Application Form at the ICBC outlet where your account is opened, ICBC staff will help you to sign up the service once the application is approved by the outlet.

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