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WeChat Banking

I. Introduction
ICBC WeChat banking is a new service launched by ICBC in July 2013. It affords you the flexibility to consult ICBC business, check financial information and get product information and special offers. To access WeChat banking, please download WeChat client and follow "ICBC-ebanking". ICBC WeChat banking provides three types of services, namely help desk service, self-service and information.
1. Help desk service: You can contact us in text, image or voice through WeChat, and we will respond quickly around the clock.
2. Self-service: You can access your account and get financial information by clicking the menu at the bottom of chat window.
You can also get financial information quickly by sending message in a fixed format.
3. Information: You can get elaborate introduction to ICBC products and our special offers.

II. Target customers
ICBC WeChat is available for all WeChat customers.

III. Features
1. Voice question: You can send questions in voice to us and we will respond quickly.
2. Self-service menu: You can access financial information in the self-service menu.
3. Find outlet: You can easily search nearby outlets, get contact number and business hours.

IV. How to access the service
1. Download WeChat client and log on to it.
2. Search and follow "ICBC-ebanking".