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Fu Nong Moneylink Card

☆ Introduction
An ICBC debit card under the CUP "Fu Nong" brand and logo designed for serving the "Agriculture, Farmers and Rural Areas".

☆ Target Clients
Residents engaged in farming in areas at county-level districts or under, industrial and commercial households engaged in farming moving between rural and urban areas,  migrant workers from townships, new resident groups in cities.

☆ Functions
● Primary
All financial functions in a Moneylink Card.
● Value-added
Discount offered by nearly 30,000 merchants in counties accepting Fu Nong Moneylink Card.

☆ Exclusive Discount
● No charge for remittances to ICBC accounts in other cities, deposits to ICBC accounts in other cities, cash withdrawals from ICBC accounts in other cities or remittances to accounts of other banks, up to 12 remittances/deposits/withdrawals each year.
● No charge for transfers/remittances to account of the same holder (cardholder transfers/sends money to his/her another ICBC account).
● No charge for receiving money by Fu Nong Card (that is, a remittance to ICBC account, and the payee's card is Fu Nong Card).
Please refer to the latest ICBC announcement for further information on the above discount offer.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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