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ICBC Ctrip Credit Card
ICBC Ctrip Gold Credit Card
(China UnionPay, RMB)
ICBC Ctrip Classic Credit Card
(China UnionPay, RMB)

"ICBC Ctrip Credit Card" is a co-branded credit card jointly issued by ICBC (the largest credit card issuer in China) and Ctrip (a leading online business travel service provider in China) to provide the most favorable and the most considerate service to the customers with business travel and recreational travel needs. The co-branded card has the financial functions of standard credit cards such as overdraft, transfer and cash deposit and withdrawal and enjoys the member rights and discounts provided by ICBC and Ctrip.

I. Unique Features and Benefits 
Cash refund:
The cardholder can enjoy a discount of 3‰ for air tickets, and 4% for hotel reservation.
Gold member:
The cardholder can be directly upgraded to a gold member of Ctrip.com to enjoy bonus point reward and redemption. The cardholder can enjoy VIP treatment of 1.6 times Ctrip basic bonus points for telephone and online reservation and 2.6 times Ctrip basic bonus points for mobile phone reservation regardless of whether the reservation is for themselves or for other people.
1. Ctrip gift card has a validity period of one year from the issue date. Ctrip gift card will be counted and issued every month. Ctrip gift card can be used to deduct the corresponding amount when making reservation for travel and holiday products, domestic and international air tickets, group-reservation hotel, last minute hotel and prepay hotel at Ctrip.com and there is no limit on the amount and times. Please log in Ctrip.com or call us for details.
2. The cardholder can enjoy first order discount only once.
3. Please visit the website of Ctrip.com for details of "Low Price Everyday" and refund amount.
Strong and convenient financial services:
★ Revolving credit, long grace period
★ Support password selection
★ Support installment payment through telephone, POS, counter and Internet Banking
★ SMS alert of balance changes
★ 24-hour online and Telephone Banking service
★ Paper or electronic reconciliation service
★ Bonus point reward plan
★ SMS alert of interest-free repayment

II. Three Brand-new Reservation Channels
Hotline reservation:
The cardholder can dial Ctrip's hotline 400 650 9966 and provide the Ctrip member ID on the co-branded card to make reservation and payment.
Online reservation:
The cardholder can use the Ctrip member ID on the co-branded card to log in Ctrip's website and enter ICBC's coupon code "ICBC" to make reservation and payment.
Mobile phone reservation:
Android mobile phone users can download and install Ctrip client and use the Ctrip member ID on the co-branded card to make reservation and payment.

III. Quality Travel Service:
Hotel reservation:
● 250,000 hotels in 170 countries worldwide
● Over 30,000 hotels in over 3,000 cities in China
● Confirmation of reservation in real time, membership discount, membership interest guaranteed
Air ticket booking:
● Air ticket inquiry and booking of airline companies at home and abroad
● Air ticket booking service network covers over 70 cities in China
● Free delivery of air tickets in urban area; local booking, cross-regional delivery
● One hour express supports quick air ticket booking online
Travel and holiday:
● Self-guided tour, group tour, quasi-self-guided tour, bus tour, self-drive tour, cruiser tour, free tour PASS, visa and car service
● The travel and holiday service network covers over 300 tourist attractions worldwide
● Free combination of the forms of traveling and itinerary arrangements
Travel information:
● Online inquiry of over 71,000 tourist attractions, over 15,000 scenic spots, over 250,000 hotels and flights of large airline companies worldwide
● Diversified internet information and travel magazines
● Ctrip has over 3,000 quality merchants across the country (refer to the information published on Ctrip.com)
● Consumption discount of 50% at maximum
ICBC's official website: www.icbc.com.cn, ICBC's customer service hotline: 95588
Ctrip's official website: www.ctrip.com, Ctrip's customer service hotline: 400 650 9966

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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