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Debit Card Commemorating the 600th Anniversary of the Forbidden City

☆ Introduction
2020 is the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City (the Imperial Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties). Taking this opportunity, ICBC and the Palace Museum jointly issued two types of “600th Anniversary of the Forbidden City debit cards”, namely “Xingyao Bafang Card” and “Taiping Youxiang Card”.
The card face showcases the profound and magnificent Chinese culture through the Palace Museum architecture and cultural relics. With the help of the high-tech card printing technology, it organically combines the Palace Museum culture with the most historical heritage with modern financial products and integrates the architectural aesthetics of the Forbidden City and the concept of national security in cultural heritage, so that financial products deeply rooted in the cultural connotation of the Palace Museum are made accessible to the public.

1. “Xingyao Bafang Card”: With the theme of “Emperor Star in the Sky and Forbidden City on the Earth”, the card shows Emperor Star, Panorama of the Forbidden City, Octagonal Golden Dragon Caisson and Fortune, Wealth, Longevity and Happiness Ornamentation. It not only shows the magnificent scene of the Forbidden City, but also has the cultural heritage of Emperor Star staying above China, as well as the good wishes of the auspicious stars shining in all directions.

2. “Taiping Youxiang Card”: The card is themed on “peace and auspiciousness”. The design is based on the cultural relics of the Palace Museum’s “peace and auspiciousness” theme. Chinese characters “象” (“elephant”) and “祥” (“auspiciousness”), and “瓶” (“vase”) and “平” (“peace”) are homophonic, so an elephant carrying the vase implies “peace and auspiciousness”. In the card pattern, the magnificent picture scroll of the central axis of the Palace Museum unfolds, showing the classical image of Chinese traditional culture and ancient philosophical poetics.

☆ Method of application
1. The card is a pure chip debit card (savings card) with all the functions of a standard debit card (savings card). All customers who meet the Bank’s debit card (savings card) application requirements are eligible for it. You can apply for it at the Bank’s outlet based on valid identity documents.
2. The card product supports the business of changing the card without changing the number (only for the cards whose first six digits are 622202, 622203, 621225 and 621226).
3. The card application can be completed online. Follow “ICBC Customer Service” WeChat, click “Intelligent Finance” and select “Apply for Savings Card”.

☆ Charging standard
1. The production cost and annual fee of “Xingyao Bafang Card” are RMB50/piece and RMB10/year/piece respectively.
2. The production cost and annual fee of “Taiping Youxiang Card” are RMB50/piece and RMB10/year/piece respectively.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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