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Phoenix Miles Peony Credit Card

“Phoenix Miles Peony Credit Card” is launched by ICBC and Air China. It is a national airlines co-branded credit card that integrates the functions of ICBC peony credit card and Phoenix Miles card, and it has two card numbers (credit card number and Phoenix Miles member card number). While using credit consumption, transfer and settlement, cash deposit & withdrawal and other financial functions, the cardholders may enjoy the awards and services offered by the Phoenix Miles frequent traveler program.

(Platinum Card) (Gold Card) (Classic Card)

The card is divided into platinum card, gold card and classic card by product grades, including UnionPay single-logo single-currency card (magnetic stripe + PBOC contactless chip), VISA single-logo multiple-currency card (magnetic stripe + EMV chip), MasterCard single-logo multiple-currency card (magnetic stripe + EMV contactless chip), PBOC chip for domestic use and EMV chip for overseas use. This card offers stronger encryption, higher security and wider acceptance.

Available in multiple brands, media and currencies, the card supports payment by "swiping, inserting, swinging and scanning" and meets your diversified needs.

For the sake of your convenience, the card shall be applied for together with the UnionPay single-logo card, the procedures for which are detailed below:

★ “1+1” application
Please apply for VISA/MasterCard single-logo and UnionPay single-logo Phoenix Miles Peony Credit Card simultaneously by filling in one application form only. The two card accounts are linked so that you can use both cards for payment at home and abroad freely.
To apply at an outlet, please fill in the following information for the product code in the application form:
MasterCard branded Phoenix Miles Peony Credit Card:
46000703 (platinum), 46000704 (gold), 46000705 (classic)
VISA branded Phoenix Miles Peony Credit Card:
46000343 (platinum), 46000342 (gold), 46000341 (classic)

★ Linking the card to your mobile phone
You may apply for a supplementary card for your personal Phoenix Miles Peony Credit Card (UnionPay branded) in use and make payment by swinging the phone. ICBC has launched mobile payment methods such as HCE cloud quick pass payment, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Quick link to card, “easy opening”, and “quick pass payment”!
You may activate ICBC e Payment for your Phoenix Miles Peony Credit Card in use, link it to ICBC QR code payment, and make payment through the ICBC Link's “Scan” function, greatly improving the efficiency and convenience of payment.

I. Introduction of Major Functions
1. Free of currency exchange charges
Currency exchange is not charged for overseas consumptions. The card is available in 10 currencies, namely US Dollars, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc and New Zealand Dollar.
When you use the card in the VISA or MasterCard network in countries or regions corresponding to the 10 currencies, the accounts will be recorded directly in the corresponding currency with no need for currency exchange, and the cardholder does not need to pay the exchange fees. When you use the card in the VISA or MasterCard network outside the countries or regions of the 10 currencies, the system will automatically convert the transaction currency into US dollars and record it into the US dollar account, free of exchange fees.
To make the repayment, you may choose RMB to buy foreign currencies or directly use the 10 foreign currencies, offering you more options and convenience.
2. Two numbers on one card, multiple mileage accumulations
With the ICBC credit card and Phoenix Miles member card combined, the holder may enjoy multiple mileage award provided by Air China, automatic conversion from ICBC card consumption credit points to Air China mileage, and every 15 credit points may be converted to 1 mileage (1 credit point is granted for every Yuan spent, consumption in foreign currencies will be converted to RMB, except the specific transactions without credit points as specified by ICBC).
Note: Less than 15 credit points for the current period will not be converted;
The Air China mileage redeemed by consumption credit points by the holder of the supplementary card will be credited into the Phoenix Miles account of the main card holder.
3. High-amount insurance service for free
Platinum card holders will receive RMB4 million value of aviation accident insurance and travel inconvenience insurance for flight delay and lost luggage.
4. Account security insurance: For a consumption at any amount with this card, you will be granted a high-amount, quickly settled account security insurance which covers all the ICBC credit cards under your name.

II. More Services
★ Consumption on credit, transfer and settlement, cash deposit & withdrawal;
★ Overseas consumption and domestic repayment in RMB;
★ Support automatic repayment from the account;
★ Revolving credit and an interest-free repayment period of up to 56 days;
★ Online shopping at home and abroad;



Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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