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Premium Business Services

1. High coverage of aviation accident insurance
Free coverage of aviation accident insurance up to RMB 4 million that gives you peace of mind for your busy travel schedule.

2. Travel inconvenience insurance
Sum insured for flight delay (over 4 hours): domestic — RMB 500 each delay; overseas — RMB 1000 each delay; annual cumulative total: RMB 5000/year;

Sum insured for baggage delay (over 4 hours): domestic — RMB 200 each delay; overseas — RMB 500 each delay; annual cumulative total: RMB 1000/year;

Sum insured for baggage loss (over 24 hours): domestic — RMB 500 each delay; overseas — RMB 1000 each delay, annual cumulative total: RMB 5000 /year.

(Note) Cardholders use Peony Platinum Credit Card to pay for the total amount of their own expense of commercial passenger airliners or no less than 80% of the transportation expense of a tour group will be rewarded travel inconvenience insurance, including flight delay insurance, baggage delay insurance and baggage loss insurance.

3. International SOS services (exclusive to cardholders of Peony Platinum Credit Card (CUP, MasterCard, Visa)).
ICBC and international SOS Center jointly offer round-the-clock exclusive family doctor service, international and domestic emergency medical assistance service and international travel emergency service for Platinum card holders to access heartfelt care and emergency services all around the world any time of the day.

4. Airport VIP lounge
As a cardholder of Peony Platinum Credit Card, you are entitled to the ICBC airport VIP lounge service that allows you free access to VIP lounges located at airports designated by ICBC, for you to enjoy a quiet and comfortable place to escape from the crowds.

5. Exclusive car rental services
Peony Platinum card holders use the card to rent cars from China Auto Rental first time are entitled to a minimum of RMB 50 car rental on the first day between Monday and Thursday.

For further information, call 24-hour customer service hotline: 400-616-6666.

6. Other services for Peony Platinum Card (MasterCard) holders
Once you successfully upgrade to Platinum card and apply for Priority Pass card (PP card), you will be a member of the world's largest independent airport VIP lounge program. Your PP card allows you to use any of 600+ international airport VIP lounges around the world.


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