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Peony HNA Credit Card

“Peony HNA Credit Card” is a national co-branded card jointly launched by ICBC and HNA Group, which integrates the functions of HNA FFP Fortune Wings Cards and ICBC Credit Cards, and adopts the form of one card with two numbers (credit card number and Fortune Wings card number). It offers such financial functions as consumer loan, fund transfer & settlement, and cash deposit & withdrawal.  

 (Platinum Card)

(Gold Card)

(Classic Card)

The card is divided into three grades, platinum, gold and classic, and includes single UnionPay logo single-currency card (magnetic stripe + PBOC non-contact chip card), single VISA logo multi-currency card (magnetic stripe + EMV chip card) and single MasterCard logo multi-currency card (magnetic stripe + EMV non-contact chip card). PBOC chip card is used in China and EMV chip card is used in foreign countries, featuring stronger encryption, higher security and wider application scope.

The product features multi-brand, multi-media, multi-currency, and the payment methods of card “swiping, inserting, swinging, scanning” can meet your diverse needs.

For the sake of your convenience, the card shall be applied for together with the UnionPay single-logo card, the procedures for which are detailed below:

★ “1+1” Card application
You may apply for the Single VISA/MasterCard Logo and the Single UnionPay Logo Peony HNA Credit Cards at the same time, and complete the application by filling in one application form only. The two card accounts are associated and can cover all your domestic and foreign payments.
If you apply for the card at an ICBC outlet, please fill in the product code as follows in the application form:
MasterCard Peony HNA Credit Card:
46000697 (Platinum Cards), 46000698 (Gold Cards) and 46000699 (Classic Cards)
VISA Peony HNA Credit Card:
46000340 (Platinum Cards), 46000339 (Gold Cards) and 46000338 (Classic Cards)

★Linking the card to your mobile phone
You can use your phone to apply for supplementary cards under the main card of Peony HNA Credit Card (UnionPay) being used normally and make payment through the phone. ICBC has launched HCE Cloud Quick Pass, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other mobile phone payment methods. The cards are easy to bind and you can “access the account in seconds” and “make quick payment”!
You may also enable ICBC e-Payment and bind ICBC QR code payment for your Peony HNA Credit Card being used normally. Payment with “Scan” function in ICBC Link can greatly enhance the payment efficiency and convenience.

I. Characteristic features and benefits
1. Zero fees for currency exchange

The service charges for currency conversion involved in foreign consumption are completely exempted. The card holder can be exempted from exchange fee in all countries or regions. VISA All-currency Card supports ten currencies including USD, EUR, HKD, GBP, JPY, SGD, CAD, AUD, CHF and NZD.
The consumption at the network of VISA or MasterCard network in countries or regions of the 10 foreign currencies is directly recorded to the account in corresponding currencies without currency exchange, and so the holder does not need to pay the exchange fee. For the consumption at VISA or MasterCard network out of countries or regions of the 10 foreign currencies, the system will automatically convert the transaction currency into USD and record the consumption in USD account. The exchange fee is exempted.
Repayment can be made through purchases of foreign exchange in RMB, or directly in the ten foreign currencies, which offers you more options and convenience.

2. Member of HNA Fortune Wings club
One card with two numbers. It serves as an ICBC Credit Card with diverse functions as well as a HNA Fortune Wings Membership Card.

3. Automatic mileage accumulation upon credit card consumption: Every 16 consumption bonus points on ICBC Credit Cards will be automatically converted to 1 Fortune Wings mile of HNA (1 point is accumulated for each RMB1 consumed; consumption in foreign currencies will be converted to RMB for bonus point calculation; except for special transactions not subject to bonus point accumulation as prescribed by ICBC), allowing you to enjoy various rewards and services under HNA FFP program.
Note: ICBC bonus points less than sixteen in one period will not be exchanged;
The HNA Mileages obtained with the consumption bonus points of supplementary card will be recorded into the Fortune Wings Club account of main card.

4. High-value insurance service for free
The platinum card holder can get the travel inconvenience insurance of as high as RMB4 million, such as air travel accident insurance, flight delay insurance and baggage loss insurance.

5. Long validity of mileage: With only one redemption record of consumption bonus points for mileage, all the miles in your Fortune Wings account will remain valid within 2 calendar years of the activation date of the account. Continued use of ICBC credit cards ensures a long validity for your miles.

6. Account security insurance: After only one payment with the card, you may enjoy free account security insurance featuring high value and fast claim settlement and covering all ICBC credit cards in your name.

II. More Services
★Consumer loan, fund transfer & settlement, cash deposit & withdrawal, and other functions;
★Overseas consumption and domestic RMB repayment;
★Automatic repayment reservation;
★Revolving credit and an interest-free repayment period of up to 56 days;
★Online shopping at home and abroad;
★Applicable to special merchants and ATMs with the logo of “VISA”, “MASTERCARD”, or “China UnionPay”.




Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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