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ICBC Money Link Account Card

☆ Introduction
ICBC Money Link Account Card is a brand-new debit card product launched by the Bank to meet your digital, online, convenient and personalized service needs in the new era, with a view to upgrading your personal settlement account and Peony Money Link Card service capabilities and providing you with personal settlement, e-banking, investment & wealth management and various daily convenient services.

ICBC Money Link Account Card

ICBC Money Link Account Card (2023 Environmental Protection Version)

☆ Functions
Customized services

Exclusive one-stop contracting and authorization services. While opening an account, you can choose to activate basic financial services such as e-banking, tripartite card binding, ICBC messenger, digital RMB wallet, investor risk assessment of investment and wealth management, account security lock, electronic social security card and credit card to increase your rights and interests.
Accompanying you to grow together with ICBC throughout the life cycle of the account
After opening an account, you will be entitled to the following services via mobile banking: card replacement, inquiry, loss reporting, password change, password reset, cancellation of small-sum account, reduction/exemption of annual fee of designated account, account downgrading and removal of the control over the long-term inactive account.
Three-dimensional risk control to ensure security
We provide you with category and class-specific account management, assign appropriate account functions according to risk assessment results, and offer all safeguards. You can choose among account security lock, regional lock, night lock, UnionPay Quick Pass payment (small-sum password-free and signature-free) lock and overseas cardless payment lock to meet your personalized payment security needs.
Messenger bill to render human touch
We further support you to inquire about account details or obtain monthly statement analysis in the monthly e-banking statement through the counter, self-service equipment, e-banking and other channels. You can choose a variety of ICBC messengers to acquire more valuable information resources.
Degradable card to practice the low carbon concept
ICBC Money Link Account Card (Environmental Protection Version) is made of degradable environmental protection material which can be recycled and reused. It is green, safe, harmless and consistent with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection development.

☆ Application
You can apply for it at any outlet all over the country based on your valid identify document.

☆ Notes
1. Use and custody
In order to reduce the risk, the card should be stored separately from the identity document.
When you enter the password of the card on an ATM, please check surrounding environment for security. If you suspect insecurity, please change your password through the ATM as soon as possible. If the card is eaten due to failure, please contact the Bank’s staff or call the service telephone 95588. Please ensure the password security when entering the password to pay the purchase at the merchant. After the transaction is completed, remember to take back the card and the transaction slip.
2. Reporting of the card loss
If your ICBC Money Link Card is lost or stolen, please report the loss immediately. See the “Loss Reporting” section for the loss reporting process.
3. Damaged card replacement
If your ICBC Money Link Card needs to be replaced due to card damage, magnetic stripe damage, chip expiration and other reasons, you can conduct replacement business with valid identity document and the damaged ICBC Money Link Card. If the card has been registered via mobile banking, it is recommended to submit an application for card replacement online via the mobile banking.
4. Handling of eaten card
If your card is eaten by an ATM, you can claim the card in the outlet where the self-service equipment is located based on your valid identity document within 20 working days from the next day after the card event. If the card is not claimed within the time limit, the applicable outlet will destroy it according to relevant regulations.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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