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ICBC MasterCard-branded Multi-Currency Credit Cards

MasterCard Platinum Card + UnionPay Platinum Card

MasterCard Gold Card + UnionPay Gold Card

MasterCard Classic Card + UnionPay Classic Card

I. Product Introduction
ICBC MasterCard-branded Multi-Currency Credit Card (“MasterCard Credit Card”) is a personal credit card combining magnetic stripe and IC (EMV). It is classified into platinum card, gold card and classic card, each valid for eight years.

II. How to Use
The MasterCard Credit Card can be used at ICBC designated merchants, outlets and ATMs within China, and via MasterCard network overseas.

MasterCard Credit Card supports ten foreign currencies, i.e., US dollar, euro, Hongkong dollar, pound sterling, Japanese yen, Singapore dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, and New Zealand dollar. The consumption via MasterCard network in countries or regions of the 10 foreign currencies is directly recorded in corresponding currency without currency conversion, and so the holder need not pay exchange fee. The consumption via MasterCard network in other countries or regions will be automatically recorded in US dollar in the US dollar account, and corresponding exchange fee is exempted. The MasterCard Credit Card can be repaid directly in foreign currencies or via RMB exchange purchase.   

III. Application
Case 1: You can apply for a MasterCard Credit Card and a UnionPay Credit Card at the same time. You just need to fill out one form for application of both cards. To facilitate your payment by swiping card and better enjoy benefits, it is recommended that you mainly use the UnionPay card in China and the MasterCard Card overseas. With the two cards, you will enjoy great convenience in payment across the world.

Case 2: The holder of an ICBC UnionPay credit card can apply for a MasterCard Credit Card separately. The latter will be issued as a supplementary card to the former, and hence enjoys faster and convenient application formalities.

IV. Promotions
i. The consumption abroad via ICBC MasterCard Credit Card can enjoy duty refund at home without paying handling fees and queuing at the airport. The duty refund service, a 365-day door-to-door service, covers 6 major duty refund groups and 30 countries. The refund can be credited to the account within as short as 3 days. Moreover, a 10% special bonus for duty refund is offered before September 20, 2015. An ICBC MasterCard Credit Card will assure you good mood during the whole travel.

ii. The MasterCard Credit Card, following one or more consumption after claiming, will be exempted from the annual fee of the first year for the platinum card, and all the annual fees within the period of validity for gold and classic cards.

V. More Services
★ Bonus point reward program
★Rapid registration at domestic hospitals (Bank-Hospital Link)
★Free WiFi service in Hong Kong
★Preferetial treatments in car rental
★Preferetial treatments in car washing
★VIP lounge service at the high-speed railway station and airport exclusive for platinum cardholders
★Aviation accident insurance, travel inconvenience insurance, global travel and medical assistance, and medical consultation by phone for platinum cardholders.
★VIP line 4000095588 and VIP channel for outlet Elite Club Cards exclusive for platinum cardholders
★Diverse-channel and convenient automatic repayment
★Various installments through telephone, POS, counter, Internet Banking, among others
★Customized SMS alert service on balance change
★24-hour Internet and Telephone Banking services
★Free SMS alert on due repayment
★Automatic repayment through a designated account
★Repayment by RMB at home for overseas consumption
★Cancellation of full-amount penalty, only charging interests for unpaid overdraft that has become due
★Revolving credit and a grace period of 56 days at maximum
★Cardholders of the ICBC MasterCard Card can enjoy passionate shopping abroad and convenient duty refund in China.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.



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