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Baby Growth Card

Baby Growth Card is a credit card launched by ICBC in the theme of traditional Chinese zodiac culture. The card is based on PBOC2.0 standard chip, it has obvious security advantages compared with traditional magnetic cards and it can provide better security guarantee for the customers.

I. Sample









II. Financial Functions and Services
★ Revolving credit, long grace period
The cardholder can pay for consumption without having to make deposit in advance and enjoy a grace period of 25 days at minimum and 56 days at maximum (except for cash withdrawal and transfer). The cardholder can make repayment in full or make repayment according to the minimum repayment amount before the deadline indicated in the statement. The credit line will be automatically restored according to the repayment amount after the overdraft is repaid. 
★ Flexible forms of installment payment
ICBC supports different forms of installment payment such as installment payment through the POS of franchised merchants, installment payment through 95588 hotline or counter and installment payment for the mail order of recommended products. Use ICBC's installment payment service to "share" the quality of life!
★ SMS alert of balance changes
We provide SMS alert service to ensure the security of the funds in your card. You can apply for the service through Internet banking, telephone banking and outlets and set a limit. We will send a short message to the mobile phone number your have reserved when the balance in your account changes and exceeds the limit to ensure the security of your card.
★ Password selection
You need to enter the password when using Peony credit cards at the outlets of ATMs. You can choose to use the password when using Peony Card for consumption. You can set a limit if you use the password. It is not necessary to enter the password if the amount is below the limit, it is necessary to enter the correct password if the amount is above the limit and it is not necessary to enter the password when using the card at non-China UnionPay POS abroad.

★ Diversified repayment channels and convenient automatic repayment
You can make repayment through Internet banking, telephone banking, ATM and self-service terminals. You can apply for binding the account number through Internet banking or outlets for automatic repayment. You can make an appointment for "automatic RMB repayment" and "automatic foreign currency repayment" and "automatic exchange purchase for repayment" so that you can enjoy a grace period and avoid the financial loss arising from forgetting to make repayment on time.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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