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Wise Gold

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China centralizes its rich resources and is committed to providing our customers with personalized, comprehensive and professional wealth management services--Wise Gold Services. We are delighted to help you gain wealth more easily in the ever-changing times.
Pursuing excellence and enjoying quality life. We are devoted to your needs and goals!

☆ Service Advantages

After successfully activating the wealth management services, you are entitled to the following services:
1. The preferential services provided via more than 16,000 outlets nationwide, 4006695588 VIP service line and VIP online banking of the Bank;
2. Wealth planning, asset management and other professional financial services customized by the international team of financial advisers in the private space of the ICBC wealth management centers;
3. Non-financial value-added services covering your wealth management tailored for you.

☆ Application for Services

Professional customer managers in the wealth management centers nationwide of the Bank will activate relevant services for you. Please inquire local outlets or call 95588 for details.

☆ Content of Services

i. "Wealth"--The vision of future wealth

The Bank is fully aware of your unique needs of wealth, adopts state-of-the-art technological platform and strong intellectual support, creating a personalized wealth planning and asset management scheme, provides a brand-new method of account management, and devotes in achieving your financial goals.

Our wealth consultants are always ready for your service.
1. Personal risk evaluation
If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. We adopts advanced risk evaluation model, comprehensively and systematically assess your risk tolerance and risk attitude, helps you manage your risk appetite and type of investment risks and designs an appropriate asset allocation scheme for you.
2. Family asset diagnosis
Just as regular physical examination for our bodies, it is important for us to understand relevant information of your and your family's assets and liabilities regularly. We use the financial analysis tools to analyze and calculate the ratio of your and your family's assets and liabilities, ratio of short and long-term assets, and ratio of large asset allocation and provide a report of diagnosis and suggestions to you.
3. Wealth planning and asset allocation
Our goal is to achieve your goals. We will provide you with our assistance in every stage of your life, customizing planning for you on daily income and expenses, insurance, education, house purchase, retirement and other comprehensive wealth planning in a professional way, and planning a successful and wealthy life with you via comprehensive product allocation across life cycles.
Our financial advisers will provide you with more detailed and personalized wealth planning services. Please inquire the local wealth management centers for details.

The asset management is changed for you.
1. Exclusive wealth management products
There are wealth management products in local currency or foreign currencies, insurance products, precious metal products, alternative investment products and other products with various degrees of risk and wide range of terms specially designed for you. Diversified products are following the developing trend of markets, helping you in steady investment.
2. Asset management plan
Just as the old Chinese saying goes, the sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold, we will satisfy your personalized needs and help you in responding to the challenge of financial markets with the help of special fund accounts, centralized asset plans of security companies and other asset management plans.

Account management satisfies all your needs.
Once you can fully understand the account information can you manage your wealth in a comprehensive way. We provide you with centralized account management, comprehensive reconciliation, co-branded accounts, message notification and other account services, helping you access your account information timely.
1. Centralized account management
We provides you with account information inquiry and asset management functions via more than 16,000 outlets nationwide, online banking and other channels, helping you in the inquiry and transfer of funds around the clock.
2. Comprehensive reconciliation services
We provide you with comprehensive reconciliation and personalized consolidated reconciliation services for you to understand your account information.
3. Co-branded account services
Co-branded accounts help you co-manage the funds and account information with your family and partners. Your family, partners and you can proceed cash withdrawal and transfer as agreed, jointly monitor, accumulate and manage the funds via co-branded account services.
4. Account information notification
We strive for providing you with notification on changes of balance, net value of funds and wealth management products, closing price of stocks, price alert of the funds and stocks, maturity of wealth management products and other ICBC Messenger services, helping you understand the account information timely.

ii. "Smart" - Focusing on being smart and keeping well informed of everything

The core of ICBC wealth management service lies in our professional talents, who are endowed with expertise in respective fields and the initiative for pursing perfection. They will do their utmost to provide you with considerate wealth management services and show their commitment to establishing long-term cooperation of mutual trust with you.

Expert teams focusing on your needs
As an esteemed customer of the Bank, you will be equipped with your exclusive financial advisers and professional consultants. Having received meticulous training and obtained certain certificates, your exclusive financial advisers can maintain intimate communication with you for your needs and provide you with one-to-one professional wealth management services. Besides, they will work with professional consultants for your wealth demand in various aspects.
The team of the Bank's professional consultants encompasses specialized elite from diverse fields, including securities, foreign exchange, insurance, entrust, precious metal and real estate, who are experienced and can deliver excellent performance. They are available for face-to-face consultation whenever you need, and assist you in formulating the best portfolio and asset management plan for you customized financial demands.

Financial information exclusive for you
The only way to prevail in the highly volatile financial market is to seize the opportunity immediately. The wealth management expert team of the Bank follows the global market closely to provide you with a wide range of information and quality research reports covering diverse fields, so that you can learn about the latest market trend through in-depth market analysis.

iii. "Respect" - Market dominance depends on farsightedness

Our esteemed customers deserve privilege. We provide you with access to a great diversity of exclusively prioritized and preferential services. Better VIP experience is what we intend to achieve.

VIP channel of private convenience
Keeping your need for "private, convenient, safe and distinguished" services in mind, the Bank is committed to its self-improvement for providing you with a comfortable, efficient, private and elegant service environment.
1. Service space exclusive for wealth management centers
With ICBC wealth management centers across the country, you can have access to exclusively private wealth management services as well as safe, convenient, all-round and considerate one-stop financial services.
★Tips: If you process business in the wealth management center, please notify your customer manager in advance so that we can serve you better.
2. Prioritized processing in outlets
With the Bank's outlets across the country, you have access to windows, channels and exclusive service areas for VIP in all outlets, where your business will be prioritized to save your time.
3. Special line for VIP services
4006695588, the special line for VIP services, is a "VIP channel" of mobile banking set up by the Bank exclusively for VIP customers.
★Tip: The Bank will continue to provide you with value-added services for your diversified demands. Please consult your customer manager for more information.

Exclusive fee ratio to expand income sources and reduce expenditure
The "income sources expansion" is as important as "expenditure reduction". The Bank provides you with exclusively preferential fee ratio for services like personal settlement, account management, vault, credit certification, wealth management agreement and E-banking, so that your costs for transactions, investment, financing and account management can be reduced and your wealth can reach a new high immediately. Since such preferential fee ratio may vary slightly from one branch to another, please consult your customer manager for more information.

Exclusive services creating excellence
In order to meet your multiple needs for consumption, settlement, transfer, remittance, cash deposit and withdrawal, investment and wealth management, we provide you with an exclusive portfolio of "ICBC Elite Club Card + Platinum Credit Card" as a sign of your privilege and dignity.

iv. "Enjoy" - Enjoying global services for farsightedness

There is no boundary for our services. You can still have full access to the Bank's global financial services wherever you are. In addition, we provide you with uniquely considerate value-added services to enrich your life.

Global finance connected with the world
In such a highly interdependent world, the Bank gives full play to the advantages of the Group by mobilizing branches at home and abroad to provide you with cross-border financial services for your customized demands like commerce, investment, migration, studying and visiting families abroad and traveling. Also the Bank can be an agent of opening accounts, finance for studying abroad and investment immigration, so that you and your families can spare the worry after setting foot on the soil of a new country and share with us the fruitful outcomes of global economic growth.

Value-added services seek further perfection
The extraordinary treatment derives from your respected status. The Bank will invariably focus on your relentless pursuit for quality life by integrating our external cooperation resources, satisfying your diversified needs and bettering your financial conditions. Please consult your customer manager for more information.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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