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Cosmos Fenqile Credit Card

I. Introduction
Cosmos Fenqile Credit Card is a fashionable credit payment tool designed for the new generation of college students jointly provided by ICBC and fenqile.com. Featured with such safe, convenient and favorable financial functions as online/offline consumption, installments, transfer, etc., the Card supports credit payment within the credit line, and offers multiple surprise benefits provided by ICBC and fenqile.com.
Card grade: gold card
Account currency: CNY
Issuer: China UnionPay
Application requirements: full-time college students aged eighteen and above
One Cosmos Fenqile Co-branded Card and one Cosmos Fenqile Consumption Card will be issued at the same time in one application:


  Cosmos Fenqile Co-branded Card Cosmos Fenqile Consumption Card
Application method Apply on the exclusive interface of fenqile.com
Functions Financial functions such as online/offline consumption and installments
*Not available for cash withdrawal
Consumption and cash withdrawal at fenqile.com
* Not available for use via other channels
Use scenarios Entity merchants; online stores
Available for the binding of quick payment methods such as ICBC QR code, WeChat and Alipay
Available for mobile payment such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
Statement date First day of every month
Repayment channels ICBC Internet banking, mobile banking, and outlets
Fee Free annual fee during the validity term;
Fee standards for other items  are the same with other ICBC credit cards; please refer to the price list on ICBC’s official website for details.
Free annual fee during the validity term; the installment handling fee rate for one-year period (12 installments) is 5.31%, i.e., for a loan of RMB1,000, on the basis of 12 installments in one year, the installment  handling fee is 1000*5.31%=RMB53.1.
Installments 3 6 9 12
Fee rate (%) 1.63 2.86 4.08 5.31
Activation method Pick up the card at the designated ICBC outlet as selected in application form;
The two cards shall be picked up and activated at the same time

*For more details about Cosmos Fenqile Consumption cards, please refer to the Instructions on Installment Payment of Cosmos Fenqile Consumption Card at fenqile APP.

II. Unlimited Surprise Benefits
i. Worry-free Financial benefits
◆ Free annual fee during the validity term
Cosmos Fenqile Credit Card enjoys the ICBC UnionPay gold card benefits. The card holders of Cosmos Fenqile Credit Card are free from annual fee during the validity term of the card (the annual fee standard is RMB200/year)
◆ Interest-free repayment period of up to 56 days
As long as the holder of Cosmos Fenqile Co-branded Card makes full repayment for the overdraft of consumption within the credit line before the repayment date specified in the statement, he/she can enjoy an interest-free repayment period of no less than 25 days and no more than 56 days, i.e., the overdraft consumption in the current month before the statement date shall be fully repaid before the repayment date of the month, while the overdraft consumption arising after the statement date can be repaid before the repayment date of the next month.
◆ Period of grace: 3 days
The repayment grace period is 3 days, that is, the card holder will have 3 days as the repayment grace period. As long as the card holder pays off the bill within three days following the due day, it is still deemed as punctual repayment.  ◆ Short repayment allowed: RMB10
The grace shortage for minimum repayment is RMB10. By the due repayment grace period date (due repayment date + grace period), when the unpaid portion of the minimum repayment amount for the last bill is less than or equal to RMB10, the card holder is deemed to have paid the minimum repayment amount.
◆ Account security insurance
Free account security insurance covering all ICBC credit cards under the name of the card holder for the next month will be offered once the credit card is used for at least one transaction within one month, with high coverage, quick settlement and maximum compensation of RMB30,000. For details and settlement process, see the “ICBC Credit Card Benefit Section” on the official website of ICBC. 

ii. Benefits at fenqile.com
◆ RMB888 gift packs

As long as the holder activates (both cards being activated at the same time) and makes one consumption with the card, he or she can enjoy a gift pack including three cash coupons of RMB500, RMB300 and RMB68 at fenqile.com respectively; and two telephone fee charging coupons of RMB8 and RMB12 respectively.
◆ 50% off at most for the installment shopping service fee
50% off at most for the installment shopping service fee at fenqile.com
◆70% off at most for fenqile cash withdrawal service fee
The daily interest for a loan of RMB1,000 is as low as RMB0.2; an interest-free coupon for RMB600 cash withdrawal; and one 10% off coupon of service charge for each of the first three months
◆ VIP customer service line
Exclusive service hotline for Cosmos Fenqile Credit Card on fenqile.com at 400-005-9151

* Please refer to fenqile.com for more details about the benefits.

iii. Benefits for “I Go”
◆50% discount at most for “I Go Weekend”

From the present day to October 31, 2018, Constellation card holders can enjoy a discount of up to 50% at weekends for dining, shopping, watching movies, spending at supermarkets, convenience stores, and coffee/dessert shops at 10,000 merchants located in 500 business districts of 100 big cities across China. As for details about the stores, merchants and activity, please subscribe the WeChat public account of “icbccards”, and refer to “I want special offers”-“50% discount for I Go Weekend” and follow the “I Go Weekend” program. After expiry of the benefits, the announcements on latest activities published on the Bank’s official website shall prevail.

◆21% cash-back at most for “I Go Global” overseas spending and shopping
From the present day to February 28, 2018, Constellation card holders can enjoy a cash-back of up to 21% on overseas purchases by sending “XYK8” to 95588 using the mobile phone number preserved at ICBC, or sending “XYK8” to ICBC Messenger via ICBC Link to sign up for the activity. You can enjoy a cash-back of up to 12% (RMB120) for a single payment of no less than RMB1,000; besides, for every 6 payments of no less than RMB300 each, there is a chance of getting another cash-back of 9% for any of these payments, which covers all cross-border merchants both online and offline and is supported by the top six card issuers. The quota is limited, and first come first served. As for specific period, rules and benefits of the activity, please subscribe the WeChat public account of “icbccards”, and refer to “I want special offers”-“21% discount for “I Go Global” or click to query. After expiry of the benefits, the announcements on latest activities published on the Bank’s official website shall prevail.
To the extent permitted by law, ICBC reserves the right to revise the terms and specific rules of this activity, and has the right to suspend or cancel this activity, which will take effect after being published through ICBC channels (such as ICBC website, ICBC credit card WeChat public account).

iv. A good helper for studying abroad
The holders of Cosmos Fenqile Credit Cards can apply for the local credit cards issued by ICBC at ICBC overseas institutions located in 12 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Argentina, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Hong Kong, and Macao with their domestic card use records, which help the college student card holders set up personal local credit records during the period of studying abroad and enjoy more local financial services.

* As for the issuance of credit cards and lines of credit, the local ICBC institutions shall prevail.

v. Thumb up for your life
By downloading the exclusive APP of ICBC credit card - “ICBC e-Life”, you can enjoy 50% discounts in telephone fee charging, mobile data charging, tickets for scenic spots, takeout, cinema tickets, game charging, etc., and RMB88 gift packs to new customers, everyday low price, random RMB10 off and other benefits.

*Please scan the following QR code to download ICBC e-Life; Thumb up for your life!



Recommendations on Building Your Green Credit

1. All overdue records of your credit card will be incorporated into the Personal Credit Information Database of the People's Bank of China. Good card-using behavior can help build your good credit record.
2. If your credit card bill is not repaid on time, and thus producing an overdue record, it will seriously affect your personal credit, which may result in difficulties when you buy cars or houses or apply for credit services from financial institutions in the future. Therefore, please repay your bills on time.
3. Please do not disclose the number, validity period of your card, or the last three numbers in the signature column to others; do not disclose photos containing full information your credit card on social networks to avoid fraudulent use of your credit card.
4. To ensure the safety of card use, if your personal data changes or you receive SMS for unknown non-personal consumption, please contact ICBC's 24-hour customer service hotline in time at 95588-6.

Apply by scanning



Note: The pilot promotion of the Card is being carried out in 280 universities located in 66 cities throughout China, with more colleges and universities being expected to participate in the promotion. Please refer to the fenqile APP for more updated details.


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