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Peony Sports Credit Card

Peony Sports Credit Card, the first credit card themed by sports and health in China, is launched by ICBC for promoting the development of national fitness.

The product sets out the theme of "sports, health and happiness". It has not only the powerful functions and qualified services of Peony Credit Card, but also special discounts and services in various special merchants such as sports arenas, health clubs, sports stores, and sports clubs.

ICBC has also made memorial series of cards of limited edition, which do not serve as bank card but collections.

I. Introduction
There are altogether two series—"Dream" and "Strength"—eight kinds of Peony Sports Credit Card.
Five kinds of "Dream" series, all of which are UnionPay Peony Single Currency Credit Card

II. Financial Functions and Services
★Revolving Credit, Sufficient Interest-Free Period
You can consume without advance deposit using Peony Netcom Credit Card, and enjoy a 25days as shortest and 56days as longest interest free repayment period (not including withdrawals and transfers), which enables you to consume before repay. You can choose to repay full amount or minimum amount within the repayment period marked by the bill. After you have repaid the overdraft funds, the credit will be recovered according to the repayment amount, which enables you to enjoy using the credits.

★Flexible Instalment Payments
ICBC provides various instalment payments such as special merchant POS instalments, general consumption 95588 or counter-transfer instalments, recommended mail-order merchandises instalments, etc. You can enjoy a superior life by using ICBC instalments.

★Secure and convenient SMS for balance change in your account
In order to secure your funds in the card, ICBC provides SMS service for balance changes in your account. You can apply for this service through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and ICBC’s outlets, and set a limit. When the balance in your account has changed and the changing amount surpasses your designated limit, ICBC would send a SMS to your designated cell number in real-time, which secure the use of the card.

★Personalized Optional Code Function
You need to input your code while using your card in the outlets or on ATMs.And you could choose to use code while using your card in consumptions. If you need to use code, you could also set a code limit, you do not need to input the code if the transaction sum does not surpass the limit, and you need to do so if the sum does. You do not need to input the code on aboard non-UnionPay POS.

★Various Channels, Convenient Repayments
Your coud repay through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM and self-service terminals. You could also apply for binding accounts through Internet Banking and outlet counters to repay automatically, not only with "reserved RMB automatical repayment", but also with "reserved Foreign Exchange automatical repayment" or "reserved automatical repayment by purchasing foreign exchange", which not only ensures you to fully use the free-interest period, but also exempts you from the loss of failing to repay on time.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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