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Peony Platinum Credit Card (CUP standard) is the first chip Platinum card in China based on the PBOC 2.0 standard jointly issued by ICBC and China UnionPay (CUP). The Card has a PBOC 2.0-compliant chip which provides the highest level of security to the cardholders.


Priority Platinum Credit Card (China UnionPay), launched by ICBC in association with China UnionPay, is the first Priority Platinum credit card in China branded under China UnionPay. The Priority Platinum Credit Card also comes with an array of enhanced level of unique value-added services which enable cardholders to enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges and usher into a more precious lifestyle.


Peony Platinum Credit Card (Visa) is the first dual-currency Platinum credit card based on the EMV Standard in Mainland China, launched by ICBC in collaboration with VISA. The Card has an embedded chip which offers a much more secure way to process card transactions. 


Peony Platinum Credit Card (MasterCard) is an ICBC high-end credit card for premium customers. The Card offers a complete portfolio of sophisticated services designed with the "Platinum" lifestyle of ICBC cardholders in mind.


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