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ICBC Palace Museum Co-branded Debit Card

☆ Introduction
ICBC Palace Museum Co-branded Debit Card is jointly released by ICBC and Palace Museum and issued with official authorization of the latter.
It comes in five forms: "dream", "spring", "summer", "autumn" and "winter". With the theme of "invigorating traditional Chinese culture", the buildings and cultural relics of Palace Museum are applied on card faces to showcase profound Chinese culture. Coupled with advanced card make techniques, a debit card with elegant visual effect, exquisite crafts, outstanding appearance and good implication is created. In this way, traditional culture is integrated into common people's life.

Dream card: themed around "pursuit of dreams", it is inspired by "Qing-dynasty filigree enamel wine goblet in deer pattern" collected in Palace Museum. Deer chase butterflies that symbolize "ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi dreamt of becoming a butterfly". Running deer symbolize unremitting efforts to realize dreams and good implication of happiness and wealth.

Spring card: themed around "lucky cranes flying high in the sky", "Qing-dynasty Emperor Yongzheng-period bowl with yellow glaze, green color and white cranes" collected in Palace Museum and the pattern of Meridian Gate of Palace Museum are combined to form the card face. Auspicious cranes fly high in the sky to greet spring, implying a positive and upbeat attitude.

Summer card: themed around "fish into dragon", it is inspired by "Ming-dynasty Emperor Jiajing-period lidded jar in fish and algae pattern" collected in Palace Museum. It implies success in the government examination, auspiciousness and abundance.

Autumn card: themed around "family reunion at the night of Mid-Autumn Festival", it is based on "hanging panel with rosewood frame and bright moon pattern" collected in Palace Museum. Corner Tower in Palace Museum and full bright moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival are adopted on the card face, implying family reunion.

Winter card: themed around "golden pouch", it is originated from the royal pouches of Ming and Qing dynasties collected in Palace Museum. "Wan" character is taken from door couplets. Card holders can write numbers or auspicious words in the golden circle. It means happiness, wealth and all the best.

☆ Product functions
Such series of cards are all classic co-branded debit cards, with all financial functions that standard ICBC debit cards have. The card allows holders to conduct personal financial services (such as savings wealth management, transfer, remittance, swiping for consumption and self-service) through ICBC outlets, ATM, POS, self-service terminals, internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking and domestic and overseas ATM and POS with UnionPay logo. The card supports contactless payment.

☆ Application
All customers who meet ICBC debit card application requirements may apply for the cards. Customers may apply for the cards with their identity certificates at ICBC outlets or through appointment on the ICBC's official WeChat public account.

The above is for reference only. Details refer to the rules drawn up by local ICBC branch. To save your time, please call your local ICBC before applying for the service.
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