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Financial Budget Unit Business Card

As the first Budget Unit business card pilot bank, which is pointed by the Ministry of Finance, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) is an experienced bank with wide consumer resources, strong technology development ability and rich business card running experiences. As the creator and leading runner of domeistic business card market, ICBC is leading the way in industrial standards and technological criteria. It has been successful in cooperation with over 9,000 budget units in business cards so as to provide convenient, quality public consumption and reimbursement settlement services for hundreds of thousands of staffs in government of all levels and drawn attentions from a number of mainstream media, like CCTV, Xinhuanet and Sina.

Central Budget Unit Business Card

According to the rules of the Ministry of Finance and other relative departments, the former authorized cash payment business should convert to business card payment. The permanent staff in budget units can apply for peony business card with their units' approval. As the first Budget Unit business card pilot bank, which is pointed by the Ministry of Finance, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited can provide the central budget units the whole service solution, including business card, reimbursement support, public consumption repayment, and monitoring information provision for the Ministry of Finance.

★ Customized Specialized Card

Central Budget Unit business card is a kind of credit card for the staff in budget units; the card face is specially designed for the business card with the meaning of "Sunshine Project". The cardholders need not to advance cash from the units with the credit card. The credit limit of the business card is relatively high, the maximum free on interest repayment period is 56 days, and the credit limit can be upgraded permanently or temporarily, so that the cardholders can manage money matters freely. It has changed cash payment by charge payment, advancing cash by overdraft, so that the public payment becomes safer, more convenient and more preferential. The cardholders can finish the reimbursement easily with invoices and POS receipt, the reimbursement money can be deposited to the personal account, it is very convenient and fast.

★ Simple and Efficient Reimbursement

The finance officers in central budget unit can finish the audit, tabulation, and statistical analysis for the public consumption by ICBC's business card supporting system. One reimbursement check can reimburse the debts under multiple business cards in the same account caption so that the financial personals don’t need to shuttle back and forth between the unit and bank. After deducting money from a zero-balance account, the ICBC system can reimburse the related business card automatically, so the repeated work can be reduced, operation errors can be avoided, and the efficiency can be improved. The financial officers can also make statistics and analysis for the reimbursement data with business card supporting system so as to realize convenient financial management for business expenses.

★ Real-time Data Transfer

ICBC can transfer the accurate public consumption and reimbursement data to the financial departments in time. ICBC will make every effort to help the financial departments monitor and manage the budget and offer innovative technological guarantee for realization of “sunshine finance” and “clean government”.

★Flexible, Diversified, People-oriented Business Card Solution

ICBC business card solution can deal with not only the zero-balance account of the budget units, but the actual fund balance account, so that it can cater to the practical situation of budget units in many ways, and enlarge the usage of business card of the budget units. The people-oriented and highly personalized business card solution makes business consumption easier and the business reimbursement simpler. For the convenience of budget unit’s financial officerss, a great deal of optimization designs embedded can help financial officerss lift working efficiency, relieve audit pressure and lower error risk so that they can work in a safer, simpler and healther working environment.

★Special Offers and Excellent Service

Many special offers for business card are provided. The business card holder can enjoy the excellent service of the gold card level. The bonus for the business card holders can take part in ICBC's luck draws, or redeem it to household, digital production, or travel. ICBC's preferential merchants locates in 105 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and so on, involving hotel, restaurant, entertainment, store, airline, car renting and many other industries. The discounts in hotel, food & beverage, shopping, cosmetology, traveling, video & audio, and leisure allow the cardholders to enjoy the best prices, rational consumption and experience of dignity.

★Multiply Card Security Guarantees

Password is required while the business card applies, so that the inconvenience and insecurity for forgetting applying password can be reduced. The balance change text message will send to the card holder's mobile phone as soon as the transactions, such as consumption, cash advancing, or transferring happens, so that you may get the balance change in time. While the reimbursement for the public consumption is over, ICBC will also send you a text message to make you at ease. ICBC will also sent repayment reminding text message when the due repayment date of the account is coming so that the cardholders can repay the overdraft in time and avoid unnecessary interest expense.

Local Budget Unit Business Card

The branches of ICBC provide different services, such as repayment for the overdraft of business card and business consumption for the local budget units according to the local circumstance. Different business solutions for the zero-balance account and actual fund balance account of the budget units can be designed. You may contact the local branch of ICBC for the details.

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only. The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation.

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